Youth Development

Ranch Roping & Rodeo Horse Series:

Ranch Roping, Reining Cow Horse, Judged Rodeo Events

TQA’s Ranch Roping & Rodeo Horse Series is a youth development program focused on creating a fun activity where parents and kids can gain knowledge and develop skills to work together in family business and learn the process of training and selling all-around performance horses. The focus of the series is to provide a fun competition where grade school, high school and college aged kids can apply the TQA curriculum into a fun and educational competition.  In our fast pace society this is an opportunity for parents and kids to slow down and take the time to set a solid foundation in family relationships, ranching skills and the basic fundamentals needed in equine competitions. Parents of kids in the program are also allowed to enter competitions and play with their kids, with their entry fees going to year end prizes for the kids.  TQA’s Ranch Roping and Rodeo Horse Series works closely with the Working Ranch Horse program through U of I 4-H extension, Malheur County Started Ranch Colt Project and TQA’s Youth Development Program.  All of these programs have the same mission and vision in providing a positive learning environment while equipping kids with the knowledge and skills to be productive in the equine and ranching industry.

The Main focus of TQA’s Ranch Roping and Rodeo Horse Series is to:

     1) Create a sport promoting the different areas needed to be successful working on ranches and feedlots.    

     2) Set a solid foundation in young kids and horses getting ready to enter the rodeo arena.  

     3) Provide a fun atmosphere where parents and kids can play together at any age, or skill level.  

     4) Help kids develop skills in the equine and ranching industry that could lead to part time, or full time employment.  

     5) Equip young adults with the knowledge and skills to train and sell an all-around performance horse.

To See Judges Corner Videos from the TQA Ranch Roping and Rodeo Horse Series Click the Link Below: