Troy Van Norman Scholarship

I am largely the person I am today, because of Troy’s influence on my life during such a crucial time in my development, my pre-teen years. This scholarship is given to young men and women that are willing to be a light in a darkening society. Troy Van Norman strived for excellence in everything that he did. Whether he was working on the ranch, training horses in the show pen, or competing in rough stock and timed events in rodeo. Troy worked hard in school, got good grades, was an amazing employee that anyone would love to hire to do any job and to top it all off, Troy was fun! Troy’s enthusiasm and sense of humor was contagious and not only was he productive in everything he did, but he did it with a smile on his face and created a working environment that people enjoyed being around.  This scholarship is given to young men and women that strive for excellence in everything they do, have a solid work ethic and create a positive working and learning environment for students and employees.  Every year I have hard working students that want to finish their last term at TVCC and flat run out of money. Troy Van Norman was the ultimate encourager and it is the goal of the Troy Van Norman Scholarship to encourage students their spring semester that may need a little help making it through the finish line.

– Wade Black

Scholarship Criteria (Troy Van Norman family will watch videos and award scholarships)

  • Financial need to make it through spring term at Treasure Valley Community College
  • Must be passing all classes
  • Must put together a video including:
    • Introduction: Who you are, where you are from and what are some of your favorite things to do.
    • List some of the things you have done the last two semesters while attending TVCC to help make TVCC a positive learning/ working environment.
    • Tell how you are currently doing in your classes and what your favorite class is.
    • Show videos and pictures from your time at TVCC: Classroom, stock horse team, rodeo team, club activities, helping/participating in TQA youth development events, etc.
    • If given financial support to help make it through spring term and ultimately graduation. What do you hope to do after you graduate? What are some of your career goals and life goals.
  • Must display Troy Van Norman Qualities
    • Hard Working (In the classroom and in the workplace)
    • Servant Leader (People want to follow you because of the example you set)
    • Shines light (positivity) into darkness (negativity)
    • Packs a water bucket, instead of a gas bucket
      • Every time you come upon a problem (weather in the workplace, or in life) you are either packing one of two buckets: a water bucket, or a gasoline bucket. People with the water bucket throw the water on the fire and help the problem go away. People with a gasoline bucket throw the gas on the fire and the problem gets worse. Troy Van Norman packed a water bucket and brought positivity, work ethic and intelligence to help solve problems and provide a positive working/learning environment. This scholarship will be given to people who work to solve problems, not make them worse and their are plenty of problems to solve at the Sonny Hansen Livestock Center!!!!
  • Deadline.
    • Must have videos turned in by the Sunday before finals week in winter term: March 19, 2023
    • Email vides to: