About TQA Horse Training

Training Quality Assurance’s

Purpose & Mission

Training Quality Assurance (TQA) is a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization focused on working with experts in the equine and ranching industry to set industry quality standards and certifications in training and selling horses to the public, as well as working on ranches and feedlots where horsemanship, stockmanship and roping skills are required.

1. Providing an avenue to build the traditional values of dependability, focus, dedication, and grit acquired through the equine and ranching experience.

2. Providing the public with scientific research and education in training horses, cows, dogs, and people.

3. Providing a standardized tracking system to help horse trainers hit their goals in training and selling horses to the public.

4. Create a fun, competitive and educational environment where people of all ages can learn and practice correct muscle memory to compete in rodeo and work together in family businesses.

5. Providing educational opportunities and resources to help equip parents and employers to teach their kids and employees.

6. Providing judges score sheets and videos to help equip leaders to host a TQA competition.

7. Providing a positive avenue for the public to gain confidence in themselves and in their horses.

8. Assisting the public in finding and procuring appropriate equine and ranching educational opportunities that will allow furtherance of their knowledge.

9. Passing on knowledge and traditions gathered by horse trainers and ranchers of previous generations.

10. Provide scholarships to hard working and dedicated college students who want to pursue a college degree in the equine, ranching or rodeo industry while upholding the philosophies and methods of TQA.