TQA Certificates

TQA Certification

In training & selling horses for the public, I was always amazed when someone would bring a horse that claimed had 90 days of “professional training” and didn’t have what some trainers would have expected at the end of the first week. With TFTC’s Training Quality Assurance program, I have taken the research from my masters, twenty years experience training and selling horses for the public and have sought the advice of other experts in the industry to:
1) Set an industry quality standard for training and selling horses for the public.

2) Offer a certification process to certify people to train and sell horses for the public.
The goal of TFTC’s TQA industry certificates is to certify students that Wade Black and experts in the industry deem qualified to train and sell horses for the public. TQA offers 3 industry certificates (shown below) and students that earn all 3 will earn the TFTC TQA “Triple Crown.” The 3 certificates are:

  1. TVCC Pathway Certificate
  2. Work Experience Certificate
  3. Colt Starting Certificate
    The degrees and certificates offered at TVCC are focused on giving students the knowledge and skills to be successful in the equine industry. TFTC’s TQA industry certificates are focused on certifying the student’s work ethic and integrity to help these students get a job after graduation.

Certified Public Horse Trainer
TQA Triple Crown Winners

Students who receive the TQA Triple Crown are students that have had their work ethic and integrity tested in 3 different ways. If you are an employer looking for an employee, whether training horses or not. The TFTC’s TQA Triple Crown is TFTC’s attempt to present the industry with the best we have to offer. This certificate puts the spot light on students that not only have the skill to get the job done, but most importantly have the character and core values to help make your business successful.

Triple Crown students must:

A) Maintain a 3.5 GPA throughout the pathway certificate
In this certificate students must meet Wade Black’s expectations as if they were working for his horse training business. Wade’s classes are taught like students are working for an actual horse training business and their grades reflect what kind of an employee they are.
1. Performance Horse Selection, Training, Marketing and Sales
2. Must score 90% or better on student horse trainer score sheets each term

Horse Trainer Score Sheets (Click Here)
B) Meet TFTC’s TQA Industry Quality Standards for Starting a Horse
1. Colts started on TVCC campus
2. Score 90% or better on TQA test
3. Judged by TQA Clinic Instructors

TQA Industry Test

– Task Completion (25% of Score)
– Foundation (25% of Score)
– Temperament (25% of Score)
– Client Education/Interaction (12.5% of Score)
– Horse Health and Welfare (12.5% of Score)
Industry Test Break Down (Click Here)
C) Work Experience

1. Horse Training Boot Camp: (During the Summer)

Worked for at least 2 months for a full time horse trainer going through “horse training boot camp.” In this boot camp the student’s work ethic and integrity is tested not only in training horses, but by putting in horse trainer hours, as well as doing jobs like: picking pens, saddling horses, irrigating, fixing fence, driving tractor and all the other fun jobs that go with the business

– Must score 90% or better on task completion and temperament score sheets

Work Experience Score Sheets (Click Here)

2. TVCC Livestock Center: (During the School Year)

– In this branch of the work experience students get their work ethic and integrity tested by working at the livestock center to help the TVCC Equine Program function to its full potential.

– Livestock Center Managers
Maintenance Manager (List of Duties)
Barn Manager (List of Duties)
Health Manager (List of Duties)
– Booster Horse Make Up Rider
– First Year TA